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  It's all about me, you, him & her.
  It's about shopping in your street, your town, your district
  It's about jobs and community, it's about investing today for a prosperous tomorrow
  It's about making our towns better places to live, work and visit.

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The locals affectionately know the Island as the rock, so we of course had to call the locals bar, The Rock. The Rock is where you watch a bit o sport, shoot a bit o pool, tell a yarn or two on the deck of the Rhum Bar.
Life just ain’t that hard on the rock.
On the rock we got a lot o musical talent and you can usually find us kicking up our heels a couple of times a week as the locals get the sounds a pumping.
Hungry? We ain’t got oysters, but we got mussels and our burgers are hard to beat.

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An award-winning weekly newspaper, Gulf News has been published on Waiheke every week for more than 40 years and is proudly 100% locally owned and operated.

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