Here, you will find some artwork that you can simply download and print (either in Colour or in Black & White along with fonts so that you can make your own posters, signs, postcards etc.

Below are the main fonts used by Totally Locally. Click the image of each font to download a copy to your computer. To install the font files, right click each one and paste it into FONTS (located in Control Panel) Then, you'll be able to "write" your own flyers etc.

Dead Kansas  
Love Ya Like A Sister  
Manual Cookie Bucket  
Rosewood Std Regular  
Here's also some images that you might like to download and use. We've provided two versions of each poster/image. The first is a simple image that you can print out and hand-write your message on. Then hang it in your shop window. The second one can be modified in Photoshop in any way you like and then print it out etc.
 jpgicon  pdficon  Did you know
 jpgicon  pdficon  tlw-badge
 jpgicon  pdficon  when-you-shop-thumb
 jpgicon    TLkidsmenu waiheke thumb
 jpgicon    TL-whats-made-locally
 jpgicon    Did you know fb

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What's it all about...

  It's all about me, you, him & her.
  It's about shopping in your street, your town, your district
  It's about jobs and community, it's about investing today for a prosperous tomorrow
  It's about making our towns better places to live, work and visit.

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The Barbershop & The Studio:

The Barbershop "serving the families of Waiheke".
The Studio, Hair and Beauty. "a place to be pampered".

Business Highlights

Waiheke Nail boutique prides itself in using Natural products, free of nasty chemicals, parabens, Lauyrl or Laureth sulphates, mineral oils, animal ingredients & not tested on animals. Our products are antioxidant rich, soothing and rejuvenating. Specializing in Acrylic Nail. Drop them a line by clicking here.